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The Orchard Road – Visit one of the oldest and yet colorful boulevards of the one-state country.

Orchard road is a boulevard which stretches for 2.2 kilometers and it is a retail and entertainment hub in Singapore. Known by many people as the Orchard, the area is a major tourist attraction in Singapore.

The Orchard Road | Image Credit - By Niall Sohan [Public domain], from Wikimedia Commons

The Orchard Road | Image Credit – By Niall Sohan [Public domain], from Wikimedia Commons

About the road and a bit of History

The road is cut in the 1830s was used as a pathway to transport commodities from the plantations. Some of the things that were transported were nutmeg, pepper and fruit orchards this is how the road got its name. and in 1974 the path was turned into a one-way street and through the addition of shops and stall it has become the street that we see today.

Things to do

The bustling boulevard being one of the busiest streets in Singapore is home to many shopping malls hotels and department stores and street food stalls. You could go on a shopping spree, eat delicious street foods or just take a stroll along the boulevard will give you a glimpse into the vibrant and rich culture of Singapore.


The sidewalks are occupied by local performing artists who will be entertaining you on weekends and on Saturday nights the shopping hours have been extended to 11 pm. These streets will go through a colorful makeover for Christmas during the month whole month of December.

Visiting Road Boulevard

You can easily get here by Mass rapid transit (underground trains) with many stations located in the close proximity to the boulevard. Many of the best value hotels in Singapore are located close by, like the Destination Singapore Beach Rd and many more. You can visit here if you are planning your stay in any of these hotels.

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