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MacRitchie Reservoir Park Singapore

This serene and tranquil park is undoubtedly one of the most stunning parks in Singapore. Being built around the vast and expansive MacRitchie reservoir, the park is a popular spot for fitness enthusiasts and nature lovers.

MacRitchie Reservoir Park | Image Credit - Qingwu Zhou (周庆武), CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikipedia Commons

MacRitchie Reservoir Park | Image Credit – Qingwu Zhou (周庆武), CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikipedia Commons


The Singapore landmass was mostly covered in thick forest vegetation till the early 19th century and soon after the British started establishing their settlement in 1819, the forest lands started depleting and the demand for freshwater increased. So in 1877, the first reservoir in Singapore was constructed along with a park adjoining the sorrouunding areas.

The biodiversity

The 12-hectare lush green park is home to a number of plant species.With more than one square kilometer of forestland still available, the diverse collection of flora attracts a number of bird varieties. The reserve is also home to small mammals and large groups of macaques.

Things to do

The park offers visitors a chance to engage in a plethora of leisure activities that include bird watching, group hiking facilities, space to workout, and a wide range of water sports. You can even get canoes and kayaks for rental at the park. Bring your loved ones here to have a family picnic and a memorable time together.

Getting there and accommodation facilities

Located in the heart of the one state country, the MacRitchie Reservoir Park is easily accessible by public transit and even easier by a taxi. I can easily visit the park if you are planning your stay at Grand Park City Hall which the Best Luxury Hotel in Singapore and also it is located in a close proximity to the park.

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