Top things to do in Queensway – Exploring Singapore’s ultimate bargain heaven

When you are in Singapore and happen to pass by Queensway, do not forget to make the most use of your time. There are some interesting things to do in this town, and that doesn’t stop at shopping!

Shop at the Queensway Shopping Centre

Queensway Shopping Centre| Img by: Syced via Wikimedia Commons, 








If you stay or dine at one of the hotels near Mapletree Business City in Singapore, do not forget to shop at this four-story mall. Especially if you want to buy something that’s sports-related, this is the best place to go.

Explore the diverse brands at Anchorpoint

Located almost right next to Park Hotel Alexandra is the Anchorpoint which houses several brands such as Cotton On, Billabong and Charles, and Keith. The perfect place to begin your shopping sprees!

Visit a hospital garden

It’s true that we normally do not go to ‘visit’ a hospital garden, but the garden at the Alexandra Hospital is an exception. There is a cheerful butterfly garden in it, and it is truly picturesque to view!

Enjoy a great food centre

The Alexandra Village Food Centre is one of the best hawker centres in the country and the delicious options you find here are just numerous. Try the avocado milkshake they serve, and you can’t really help falling in love with it!


Interesting facts about Singapore’s Architectural Landmark St. Andrews Cathedral- The largest church in Singapore

St. Andrews Cathedral is the largest in Singapore and for over 100 years. It has been the gathering place of congregations, from the central business district. It is definitely a place that’s worth visiting during your time in Singapore.

St. Andrews Cathedral| Img by Someformofhuman. via Wikimedia Commons, CC BY-SA 3.0


Given its long history, the church has undergone various iteration through its lifetime to get to where it is now. The first building was constructed in the 1800s with further amendments being made all the way up to 1889.


With sleek white walls with intricate filigree designs, the neo-gothic architecture style of the St. Andrews Cathedral was inspired by a thirteenth-century church in England. Stained glass windows adorn the wall while a replica of the Canterbury Cross is set in a pillar.

Cathedral Choir:

One of the oldest musical institutions in Singapore, this choir consists of adult’s as well as a children’s choir who form a part of the Cathedral community as well.

Current status:

Being over 150 years old, there is much upkeep to be done and many experts are working as a team to sustain this establishment for future generations. While the best luxury hotel in Singapore could survive future turmoil, it is vital that this iconic piece of history does as well! The attraction is just a short walk away from Grand Park City Hall and other residencies.


A Travel Guide for Singapore First-Timers – All you need to know when it’s your first time to Singapore

Singapore is indeed one of the most traveled countries in the world because of the fun, excitement, and attractions that it has to offer. However, if you are planning your first tour to this paradise nation, make sure you know certain things before you go.


Singapore Skyline| Img by: Mike Cartmell via Flickr, CC BY 2.0

When to go

Before booking your Singapore apartments or the flights for your holiday, you should first know what time of the year is the most appropriate for a tour there. From March to September, it is generally the best time to go and you can avoid the rainy season this way.

Experiences that you must try

If you are planning your first tour to be with your family, then Pan Pacific Serviced Suites on Beach Road, Singapore is the most ideal, mainly because of its convenience to all Singapore attractions. Among the must-attend experiences, watching the light show at Marina Bay Sands and visiting the China Town at night is special.

Money and savings

Singapore uses Singapore Dollars, and you may always use credit cards because it’s accepted here without any issues. If you consider some bargaining in Singapore, you may try it a little at street or night markets, but all shopping malls do have fixed prices.

Laws you should obey

It’s important that you know the laws that prevail in Singapore before you go there because a fine in this country can cause huge damage to you financially. Littering and feeding pigeons are completely prohibited here, and if you get caught doing them, yes, you can expect to get fined.


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