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Bukit Batok Nature Park

Nature's Beckoning

Best known for the hustle and bustle of the city and the entertainment that one can find there, Singapore is a land of many wonders. With an exceptional night life Singapore is one of the most favourite places in the world to party at. Seeing millions of visitors every year, they are truly one of the top tourist destinations. If you are looking for a place to party the night away, explore the streets or even relax and unwind, this is the place to be.

Explore the ambiance of the Bukit Batok Nature Park which has great scenery and amazing walk-paths too. Take a break from the hectic life of the city and try this place out, you are sure to fall in love with it. The Bukit Batok Nature Park at it’s entrance houses a pond that is deep and has still water. This is a reminder and relic from the mining days and serves as a a part of the culture. Developed from an abandoned excavation area in 1988, the Bukit Batok Nature Park has path ways that reach a height of over 10 stories, which provides a great way to get a breathtaking view of your surroundings. Apart from housing cultural value, the park is also a memorial site for the Japanese soldiers who died in World War II. There are still two pillars that remain, and this leads up to the transmission tower. When you enter, you will see a plaque laid out at the foot of the stairs. It is a great place to also feel the ambiance of the days gone by.

So, if you are even looking for some exercise this is the perfect place to check out. Housing amazing jobbing paths and hiking paths, the Bukit Batok Nature Park is a sure favourite among many visitors. There are many Singapore hotels that you can check into. When looking for a place to stay in the area check out hotels in Singapore such as the Millennium & Copthorne Hotels Singapore which provides a great stay. So head on over to the park and enjoy your day and let your troubles rest while you enjoy the park, scenery and great company!


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