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Indoor Playgrounds in Singapore to Feel Like a Kid Again

Singapore’s Indoor Adventures: Rediscovering playgrounds for all agesSingapore isn’t merely a metropolis of buildings and streets — it’s a haven for indoor adventurers! Beyond the bustling cityscape lies a world of excitement, waiting to be explored within the confines of captivating indoor playgrounds. From suspended obstacle courses to towering rock walls, these destinations redefine playtime for all ages.



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1. Canopy Park Jewel

Kick off the fun at Canopy Park, Jewel Changi Airport. Daredevils, get ready for heights — walk the nerve-wracking Walking Net or bounce on the exhilarating Bouncing Net. Perfect your flips before hitting trampoline parks!

2. Xscap8

Xscap8’s suspended obstacle course takes excitement to new heights — literally! Challenge yourself on this 10m high course and unleash your inner acrobat for an unforgettable adventure.

3. Climb Central

Scale new heights at Climb Central in Kallang Wave Mall. Enjoy rock climbing without worrying about the weather — reach the top and greet shoppers from the peak of this thrilling indoor playground.

4. Airzone

Experience the ultimate adrenaline rush at Airzone in City Square Mall. Suspended five storeys high, this playground offers slides, a 3D maze, and a floating ball pit — an adventure high above the ground!

5. AMPED Trampoline Park

Jump into the fun at AMPED, Singapore’s pioneering trampoline park. Enjoy basketball, wall climbing, and more in a safe environment with ample airbags for your bouncing pleasure. This park is just under a 20-minute drive from Hotel 81 Lucky, a stylish and modern affordable hotel in Singapore.

Rediscover the joy of playing at these indoor playgrounds, offering adventures for every thrill-seeker in Singapore.