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Must-visit places in Singapore

The best attractions for travellers

Singapore is known for being a city with extravagant pleasures and lavish activities. However, there’s so much more here than just high-end boutiques and playgrounds for the rich. This small city is rich in heritage and culture dating back hundreds of years. The diverse society has also created a unique social atmosphere with a bustling food scene and adventure. Here are some places you must check out if you’re here on a vacation.

Gardens by the Bay

These perfectly manicured gardens are the perfect place to go to click some amazing pictures for your Instagram feed! Seriously, make sure you check out the futuristic Supertree Grove which is a group of iconic, futuristic structures that are specifically designed to be environmentally sustainable. Next, take a trip down to the Cloud Forest Dome and marvel at the world’s tallest indoor waterfall.

The Botanic Gardens

These peaceful grounds earned Singapore’s first UNESCO World Heritage Nomination. Many of the city’s mature tree species and wild heritage artefacts are lovingly preserved here in The Botanic Gardens. You can take a relaxing stroll among the trees to escape the noise and heat of the city. The best part is that it’s only a 20 min cycle ride from popular hotels in the city such as PARKROYAL on Kitchener Road, Singapore for those who love to bike!

Singapore Zoo

The Singapore Zoo is known as the best zoo in the world, with plenty of space and natural habitat space for the animals residing. The adorable creatures appear well treated and healthy as they roam around in the rainforest environment. There is a large number of animals housed here, including a large family of adorable chimpanzees, mole rats, white tigers, meerkats and zebras. It’s only a 30 min drive from Little India, Singapore hotels.

Orchard Road

No one will blame you if you burn through a sinful amount of cash at Orchard Road; there are high-end boutiques at every turn. Orchard Road is the perfect place to start a shopping spree here as there are six department stores and twenty-two malls. You can even grab a bite at one of the many great restaurants in the areas that serve gourmet-grade international food.