Singapore Butterfly and Insect Kingdom

Are you a fan of Mother Nature’s little beauties?? Do you enjoy observing the tiny multi-legged creatures that crawl around the ground unseen or the fluttering butterflies that soar through the air? Singapore Butterfly Park and Insect Kingdom is a haven for these creatures of vibrant colour and texture and a paradise for those bug lovers. The Park proves to the world that Singapore is not just a place for shopping and limited to its metropolitan city, but has much to offer its visitors in every aspect of life.
Get lost amid a thousand vibrant coloured butterflies as you wander through the park. There are over a 1500 butterflies of 50 different species ranging from the common everyday butterflies we take for granted to the rare and endangered. The park helps conserve these small creatures and possibly prevent the extinction of them altogether by the careless conduct of humans. Amid the lush green flora are thousands of exotic insects from around the world. Their electric colours and call of the wild will undoubtedly leave you spellbound. Take care to visit the 160mm long Dynastes Hercules Beetle which is found to be the largest ever and feel the thrill of letting a black scorpion crawl up your arm. The darkened fire fly enclosure has wowed many a visitors with its little fluttering lights emitted from a fire fly’s tail. All together there are closer to about 3000 species in the kingdom to enjoy. 
Being one of the greenest and most beautiful areas of Sensota, Singapore, the park also offers facilities to host children’s parties and various other gatherings within the park. With real live colourful butterflies fluttering about ones cake, the party will undoubtedly be a cherished memory of your child. This tamed wilderness is a must see outdoor experience for children to learn to appreciate nature’s small gifts. 
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