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Queensway Shopping Centre

Top things to do in Queensway

Exploring Singapore's ultimate bargain heaven

When you are in Singapore and happen to pass by Queensway, do not forget to make the most use of your time. There are some interesting things to do in this town, and that doesn’t stop at shopping!

Shop at the Queensway Shopping Centre

Queensway Shopping Centre| Img by: Syced via Wikimedia Commons,








If you stay or dine at one of the hotels near Mapletree Business City in Singapore, do not forget to shop at this four-story mall. Especially if you want to buy something that’s sports-related, this is the best place to go.

Explore the diverse brands at Anchorpoint

Located almost right next to Park Hotel Alexandra is the Anchorpoint which houses several brands such as Cotton On, Billabong and Charles, and Keith. The perfect place to begin your shopping sprees!

Visit a hospital garden

It’s true that we normally do not go to ‘visit’ a hospital garden, but the garden at the Alexandra Hospital is an exception. There is a cheerful butterfly garden in it, and it is truly picturesque to view!

Enjoy a great food centre

The Alexandra Village Food Centre is one of the best hawker centres in the country and the delicious options you find here are just numerous. Try the avocado milkshake they serve, and you can’t really help falling in love with it!