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Walking Tour in China Town Singapore

Discover Singapore's Chinese heritage

Singapore is one of the smallest countries in the world but it is a popular tourist destination that has millions of tourists visiting at any given time. Visitors with tour packages from Sri Lanka are common because tourist visas need not be obtained prior to travel. Travel agents like Jetwing Holidays and several others, promote the destination because of its many attractions and short travel distance. The use of English as a main spoken language is also convenient for foreign travellers.

Chinatown in Singapore is one of the cultural hubs that is constantly buzzing with activity. It represents Singapore’s Chinese heritage. There is a hearty mix of old and new to be explored. Authentic old-style shops and markets can be found among the newer buildings, sleek storefronts, and other modern highlights.

The best way to reach Chinatown is by MRT. Take exit A when you reach the Chinatown stop and you will find yourself on Pagoda Street that sells souvenirs. Then get down to exploring on foot; there are guided tours if you want to know the back stories and really immerse yourself in the history. However, you can always be your own tour guide and pick your way down narrow streets and backroads. You will encounter goldsmiths with their family run shops, traditional medicine halls, and quaint teahouses. On the main streets, loud street hawkers will call loudly from carts and small booths in the hope of selling you t-shirts, plastic toys, and ornaments. Hipster clubs, lifestyle shops, electronics stores and internet cafes are reflective of the youth and modern Chinatown. There is plenty of food that is begging to be sampled: Chinatown Food Street dishes up local fare, while Neil Road, Duxton Road and Keong Saik Road are where you will find the swanky restaurants.

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