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Why Entrepreneurs are Choosing to Do Business in Singapore

The Lucrative Commercial Sector of the Lion City

Singapore has continually gained the interest of entrepreneurs worldwide as a business-friendly hotspot in Asia. The country’s array of business advantages makes it an ideal place to expand your business.

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An Honest and Open Government

Businesses do not exist in a vacuum – the majority of global industries cannot operate without a supportive political infrastructure, and the Government of Singapore delivers it. The country’s pro-growth policies and corruption-free government officials attract a great number of investors and entrepreneurs every year.

The Country’s Strategic Location

Located in the heart of Southeast Asia, you can get to Singapore within a few hour’s flight, giving you access to a market of 2.8 billion people. You can also come and go relatively easily compared to many other countries. There are plenty of options for business accommodation in Singapore that make business travel easier, including the likes of Connect@Changi.

Outstanding Tax System

Taxes are of high importance for any businessman and one of the key considerations when choosing a location to do business. With its low effective personal and corporate tax rates, Singapore boasts one of the most attractive tax systems.

Flexible Immigration Policies

Possible relocation is a vital factor that you cannot ignore when thinking about overseas business. Whether you need to relocate to Singapore to manage your business or require to employ foreign professionals, Singapore’s immigration policies are implemented in a way that supports your needs.