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An Itinerary for Art and Nature Lovers in Singapore

A quick insight into the finer parts of the Lion City

Embarking on a journey through the enchanting city-state of Singapore unveils a harmonious blend of art and nature that captivates the soul. Known for its stunning skyline, immaculate gardens, and vibrant cultural scene, Singapore beckons travellers to immerse themselves in a tapestry of creativity and natural wonders.

MacRitchie Nature Trail | img  via wikipedia commons

A Day of Nature Trails and Galleries
Hike through the MacRitchie Nature Trail and see verdant green landscape for yourself! With a lot of variations in store, there’s nature in abundance for you to witness and catalogue if you’re so interested. Cap the day off with a visit to the National Gallery of Singapore, with an adjoined art space, and a throwback to history with the old City Hall and Supreme Court buildings attached.

A Day on Orchard Road and more nature trails
Although well known for its designer stores and mega malls, Orchard Road also has plenty in the way of art, if you know where to look – within the malls themselves. Once you’ve had your fill of public art, head out of the relative safety of your Chinatown hotel in Singapore and head toward the Southern Ridges trail for 6-mile stretch of absolute natural beauty.

A Day of Gardens and Grotto Art
The 150-year old Botanical Garden was initially created as an economic garden. Divided into sub-zones, it’d take the better part of a day to look through it all, so once you’re done, head towards the subway and stay on it as long as possible – there’s plenty of art for you to take a look at as you go through the stations.

Honorable mentions
There were a few options that we felt we should include, regardless of how “artless” or “manufactured” they may have been. The Singapore Zoo Night Safari, the various Kayak adventures through the mangroves, and finally the Sustainable Singapore Tour, all easily reachable from places such as the Hotel 81 Singapore.