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Dolphins| Img via Unsplash

Discover Unique Wildlife in Singapore

Fun & Enriching Encounters

While you can easily see various animal species at the Singapore Zoo, you do get other places in the country to spot more wildlife and which make for some captivating adventures.


At the aptly named Dolphin Island in Sentosa, you can not only see these playful marine mammals but interact with them too! Located within easy reach of Park Hotel Clarke Quay, this attraction is home to Indo-Pacific bottleneck dolphins and offers hands-on learning experiences which include getting in the water with them.

Oriental Pied Hornbill

Known for its distinctive beak, this Indo-Malayan hornbill is a canopy-dwelling bird and one of 19 hornbill species at the Hornbills and Toucans zone of Jurong Bird Park. A relatively short drive from hotels in Clarke Quay, Singapore, this bird park is the largest of its kind in Asia and features plenty of other avifauna too.

Lesser Mousedeer

Lesser Mousedeer

Lesser Mousedeer| Img by: Dave Curtis via Flickr, CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

The smallest hoofed animal in the world, the cute-looking lesser mousedeer is in fact, an endangered species. It feeds on leaves and fruit and is known to be quite stealthy too. If you are lucky, you can spot this animal while exploring areas such as the Central Catchment or Bukit Timah nature reserves.

Sea Turtles

Green and hawksbill sea turtles are native to the country, though sadly, both are critically endangered. Those wishing to see them in the wild can do so at places like Sisters’ Islands Marine Park, amongst the best places for diving in Singapore. To aid in conservation, a turtle hatchery has also been set up at Small Sister’s Island.