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Marina Bay Sands Singapore
Marina Bay Sands Singapore | Img via Wikimedia Commons

Fascinating Facts on Singapore

A Country of Many Feats & Wonders!

While you may know the best attractions in Singapore, there’s plenty about this island nation you may not be aware of. Check-out these fun facts which could help you dominate trivia night too!

Hosted the First F1 Night Race

Just when you thought Formula One racing couldn’t get more thrilling, Singapore hosted the first-ever night race in 2008! Held on the Marina Bay Street Circuit, close to Grand Park City Hall, this race has become an annual fixture and features entertainment and concerts as part of the fun.

The Tallest Indoor Waterfall

Spanning a height of 40metres, the stunning Rain Vortex at the Jewel Changi Airport is the tallest indoor waterfall on the planet! Be you staying at a budget hostel or the best luxury hotel in Singapore, this site is worth a visit and is set amidst a breathtaking terraced forest, all indoors.

The First-Ever Night Zoo

Singapore Zoo

Singapore Zoo| Img by: Drew via Wikimedia Commons, CC BY 3.0

Another “first” came into being when the night Safari opened in 1994 as it became the first night zoo in the world. One of the best things to do in Singapore is to enjoy a night-time family adventure at this site; it’s home to the Asian elephant, Nile hippo, Asian lion, Malayan tiger and more.

More Than 60 Islands

Apart from the main island, Singapore has many other islands that belong to it. Aside from the largest offshore island of Sentosa, there are over 60 other islands that are part of the country, with the likes of St, John’s Island and Pulau Ubin providing something new to discover for visitors.