Wind Surfing
Wind Surfing| Img via Unsplash

Water Sports in Singapore to Get Your Adrenaline Pumping

Revel in the Pulsating Waves!

The inland of Singapore dazzles its visitors with its incredible shopping experiences and journeys that transcend beyond the general expectations. Its pristine coastal areas sparkle with the myriad of water sports that grab the attention of adrenaline junkies.


Have you ever wanted to fly above the ocean? Then flyboarding is the best sport for you! Prepare to be propelled high above the waters by a hydro flighting device and breathe in on the sea’s mesmerising views.

Pedal Boating

While you’re holidaying at one of the Clarke Quay hotels in Singapore the likes of Park Hotel Clarke Quay, head out to the Water Sports Centre at Singapore Sports Hub for a fascinating time on the waters. Sit back, relax, and let your feet guide you through a memorable experience on a yellow pedal boat.

Jet Skiing

jet skiing

Jet skiing| Img via Unsplash

Mount that jet ski to perform amazing stunts on the ocean waves! You’d be able to feel the adrenaline pulsating along your veins when you swerve through the scintillating surfs of the Singaporean waters.

Wind Surfing

You’d certainly be able to experience a bit of both surfing and sailing with this joyous water sport! Windsurfing or sailboarding lets you revel in the thrill of surfing the gigantic waves with the help of that colourful sail!