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Finding the Ideal Meeting Room in Singapore: Tips and Ideas

The Secret Sauce for Successful Meetings

A futuristic city state in South Asia, Singapore is a popular business hub. If you’re planning to gather up here for a business meeting, finding the right venue is important. The right venue with the right ambience can hugely contribute to the success of the meeting. This guide aims to give you tips and ideas to ensure that you have a productive meeting at a venue that meets all your expectations.


The first step is to assess your budget to understand how much you’re allowed to spend on the meeting venue. Once you have an idea of the budget, you can begin searching for a venue.


The location of the meeting venue is everything. It has to be a place with easy access to transport links, shopping spots, restaurants and hospitality establishments such as Oakwood Studios Singapore.

Size of the Venue

This is another important aspect to consider. You don’t want your business associates to be cramped into a tiny room, and you don’t want the venue to be too large either. Your chosen meeting space in Singapore should be the perfect size – not too small, not too large.


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The right meeting venue should offer high-speed internet access, audiovisual equipment, and onsite support staff. Some places even offer catering.