By User:Sengkang (Own work) [Copyrighted free use], via Wikimedia Commons
By User:Sengkang (Own work) [Copyrighted free use], via Wikimedia Commons

GX-5 Extreme Swing Reverse Bungee Singapore

A Clarke Quay classic

If you like adventure sports and having thrilling escapades no matter where in the world you are, this is something you must try!


Now, we all know what actual bungee jumping is, it’s when you stand atop a cliff, bridge or a high point and launch yourself down, letting the sling rope treat you like a Yoyo. Reverse Bungy is the exact opposite. Instead of jumping off something, you will be launched or thrown into the air while seated in a capsule.

By User:Sengkang (Own work) [Copyrighted free use], via Wikimedia Commons

By User : Sengkang (Own work) [Copyrighted free use], via Wikimedia Commons

How it works

Each capsule can seat up to 5 people inside, and once you are seated and secured, they shut the capsule tight and at the press of a button, you will be thrown up 60 metres in the air. This all happens really fast and is a true experience of adrenaline rush.

Will you be allowed to it?

The G-Max Reverse Bungee allows you to take the ride only if you are at least 1.2 metres tall and are 12 years old or higher.

How to get there

The quickest way to get here is by using the MRT; as all you have to do is get off at Clarke Quay the place is only five minutes away by walk. If you are staying at one of the branded chain hotels in Asia Pacific the likes of Park Hotel Group, for instance, their branch in Clarke Quay is just a 12-minute walk away.

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