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Asian civilisations museums singapore | Image via Wikimedia Commons

Outstanding Facts about Asian Civilisations Museum

Interesting Aspects you Need to Know

Tracing the thread of its cultural and spiritual heritage, the Asian Civilization Museum delves into Singapore’s trade legacy and much more. Here’s what you need to know about the venue.

The Location

Having opened its doors to the public in 1997, the museum was first located at the Old Tao Nan School building and mainly dealt with Chinese civilization. The venue moved to its current location at the Empress Place Building in 2003 and expanded its collections to include various regions of Asia apart from China. The Old Tao Nan School branch of the museum is easily accessible to those based at Pan Pacific Serviced Suites Beach Road, Singapore or any other Singapore suites in the area and has been dubbed the Peranakan Museum.

The Tang Shipwreck Gallery

The first floor of the Asian Civilisations Museum is dedicated to one of its most popular exhibits. The Tang Shipwreck Gallery was one of the greatest finds in the last century as it yielded more than 60,000 Chinese gold, silver and ceramic artefacts.

The Collections

Ceramics, Scholar’s Studio in Asian Civilisations Museum,Singapore | Image by Jacklee via Wikimedia Commons,CC BY-SA 4.0

Divided into three thematic galleries, the exhibition hubs in the museum include the Maritime Trade section which occupies level one while level two is dedicated to Faith and Belief related exhibits. The third and final level of the museum is where the Materials and Design section are found with textiles and jewelry from ancient civilizations.

Event Calendar

Some of the top events one can attend at the Asian Civilisations Museum include River Nights where visitors can interact with what’s on show while the museum also organizes art, fashion and trade exhibitions throughout the year. Check the official website of the ACM for details on upcoming events.