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Thanksgiving Celebrations- Experience Singapore’s multicultural diversity

In spite of the fact that Thanksgiving celebrations originated in America, countries all over the world with or without Americans tend to celebrate this event with some amount of local features and traditions. Singapore with its multi cultural diversity and so many foreign visitors and travellers passing through or residing is no exception. The history of the event dates as far back as 1863 and is claimed to have dual origins both from American as well as European traditions while it was declared as an official event when former US President Abraham Lincoln named the last Thursday of November as the official day for the event.

The event has the commercial industry gearing up for it well before hand, and even though there is no marked climatic change to indicate the arrival of the fall season in Singapore, the appearance of famous thanksgiving food items on the racks of the shopping malls serve as the first hint or reminder. In some households, the stuffed turkey which is the traditional dish for the event is replaced by other preparations or else it is ordered from a renowned chef or restaurants. Other items like French fried onions, or even cranberry sauces are also freely available to take part in the dinner laid out for the Thanksgiving which is actually the practice of being simply grateful for the lord for what we have.
Other than the family dinners, there are always well laid out buffets that serve the traditional Thanksgiving dinners at some of the finest restaurants in Singapore. Some of these hotels offer both traditional meals as well as Thanksgiving dinner so people can enjoy whichever they fancy depending on their adherence to celebration of this event. There are various venues and locations in Singapore too, where communities gather or friends and families gather to celebrate together and celebrate in a mirthful manner.
So many Singapore hotels where foreign traveller come to reside in also offers these events so that even they get a taste and feel of this event or better still, not miss out on this tradition entirely if they have been practicing it in their home land. Millennium & Copthorne Hotels Singapore is a powerhouse in the hospitality industry in Singapore with many famous hotels falling under its banner and earning a superb reputation over the years. Anyone looking for international standards in hotels in Singapore would do well to look up under this name for popular and reputed residential options while in the country that would ensure not only a pleasant stay but a memorable vacation with all conveniences and comforts on par with international standards.

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